Get your DL back Damnit!

If you picked up an OWI in Iowa, you cannot drive without having a TRL (Temporary Restricted License). After your case is over and your suspension has been served, you can get your full-boat license restored. You just have to jump through a bunch of hoops. First, you will need the LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Device installed in all vehicles you own and/or operate. Call 855-527-1597 to speak with a LifeSafer agent. This is the first place to start. Click Here for your Free LifeSafer Installation Coupon! Click Here for the Roadmap to get your Driver's License Restored

Can I drive during my temporary revocation period?

Yes but you must have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. The Iowa DOT grants Temporary Restricted Licenses. It's pretty simple, call LifeSafer to speak with an agent who will assist you. Get Iowa DOT Form 430400 Mention for your free installation, $25 off the first month's rent and low $65 per month rental fees thereafter.
Other Issues
Note that in some cases additional penalties/requirements may be imposed by the court system and/or by the Department of Transportation. Another reason to contact one of our OWI lawyer specialists for help. The consult is free - call them and ask what they can do to help you. You are paying the bill, see what they can do.

Steps you gotta take sistuh!

message_box title="The Hoops" color="blue"] To get your full-boat DL back, dispense with reading all this and click this link then print the document:  Click HERE! 1. Complete a substance abuse evaluation and follow any treatment recommendations as stipulated by the agency that conducted the evaluation. 2. Successfully complete a state-approved drinking driver education program. There are a number of providers that have been approved to provide this program in the state of Iowa. For a searchable listing, to find a facility. If you have other questions regarding the drinking driver program, call 515-281-5251. 3. You must pay any civil penalties, reinstatement fees, and/or pass any examinations as required by the court system and the Iowa Department of Transportation. For further information regarding your driving record, contact the Iowa Department of Transportation at 800-532-1121. [/message_box]