Temporary Restricted License (TRL) Work Permit in Iowa

If you have been accused of OWI in Iowa, you should obtain a Temporary Restricted License. All of the details are found below to instruct you on how to go about getting a TRL in Iowa. The Iowa DOT decides if you are eligible. If you disagree with the Iowa DOT, your OWIbuster lawyer can assist you.

SR22 Insurance

Required: You must have SR22 insurance if you intend to drive again. The Iowa D.O.T. will require such proof. Call Deb Ewoldt at 641-753-6691 to obtain your SR22 insurance quote.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Get your substance abuse evaluation completed. Do not delay in getting this done, especially if the judge ordered you to get it done. In Polk County, if you show up for court and have not completed it as ordered, you will be taken to jail in cuffs. They do the evaluations at the jail and you will sit there until the evaluation is completed. Click on our Substance Abuse Eval link for more information.

Do Not Drive!

If your license is revoked, don't drive. If you are caught, you will face a new charge and the judge who imposes your sentence won't be too impressed. You want to see a happy judge, not an angry judge. This is another reason why we recommend that you get your SR22 insurance and ignition interlock - get at Temporary Restricted License folks. It's the smart thing to do.